VAIL Enters Open Beta on SteamVR

2 min readJul 11, 2022
VAIL VR Beta Trailer

The VAIL beta officially launched on July 1st and it is crazy how far we have come.

We now have about 40 people on the core team, 400+ VR eSports members, 200+ Patreon supporters, and over 40,000 Discord members providing feedback and suggestions to push the game’s development further.

Since day 1, we have always taken an open and transparent approach to everything we do. We enjoy working with the community to fine tune the game for competitive and casual players, and we will continue to be transparent with our community on everything that happens.

Beta Delayed

While our open beta did launch on July 1st, we’ve experienced delays that have caused us to change from a fast open beta where we let everyone in on day 1, to a slow open beta where everyone will get access but in slow waves; with larger waves coming as the testing community agrees the game is improving. Please bear with us as we continue to improve the game. We look forward to building this with you and we’re so excited to show you what’s coming.

VAIL VR Beta Delayed

How to Get Access

While we work to finish these core features, you can still get access to the game in one of several ways:

  • Requesting access on Steam. As soon as we have core features working in game, we will be accepting players in random waves through the steam request access feature.
  • Joining Discord event giveaways. Every week we hold several AMA events in our Discord where we give out several keys to the game. Just join one of these events and raise your hand to speak for a chance to get a key.
  • Signing up for the IVRL tournament. Every team that signs up will be given access to the game to prepare for our launch season starting in August, culminating in a LAN finals in Miami in October with a minimum $35,000 prize pool.
  • Joining our Patreon. If you join our Patreon, we will give you early access to the game to help us with the development. We don’t encourage people to join just to get access, but instead because you really want to support the development.

We appreciate everyone in the community who has helped us get to this point and we can’t wait to jump in game and play together.




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