VAIL VR — Community Brief — 07.02.21

3 min readJul 2, 2021

June has been an eventful and productive month for us at AEXLAB and we’re grateful to our community who has been with us 100% of the way. This month, we teamed up with ThrillSeeker, a leader in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality content creation to showcase some of the latest developments in VAIL VR and host a Twitter giveaway campaign.

With Thrill’s collaboration, we hosted a Twitch and Discord livestream to test game functionality, showcase some new features and maps. In the name of enabling VR community growth, we also gave two lucky viewers an Oculus 2 headset. As if that wasn’t hype enough, Globochem, arguably, the best VR esports team on the planet joined us.

Oculus 2 headset winner shares image of prize on Twitter
Congrats to Michael and the other winners!

This month, we saw our Discord grow by 300% in comparison to May’s numbers. As of today, we’ve got 8099 people in our server, passionate about gaming, VR and VAIL. Make sure to give a warm welcome to all new members and ping one of our admins if you’ve got any questions. We’re happy to show you around. 💪😎

Parabolic community growth 📈

Data shows that on average the discord server has a very good retention rate, with the majority of server leaves happening during the week of the live stream — most likely due to people checking out the server but not actively engaged in the Virtual Reality scene. Almost all members who stay for one month or more don’t leave the server. 👀

Thanks for sticking with us!

Our twitter handle, @playvailvr, garnered 103K impressions in June, largely owed to our campaigns. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications. This way you can be first to find out about VAIL VR updates, live streams and future campaigns.

Twitter Analytics for @Playvailvr

Without any ad campaigns, our follower count grew by over 1600% just this month. Including our @AEXLAB handle on Twitter, our Discord growth and the @playvailvr Twitter growth, our community grew by over 5200%.

Engagement from the community is also increasing over time, people who came into the community discord following the hype of the Twitch/Discord Stream are now actively engaging the community and exploring the various channels.

Thanks for being a part of the community and make sure to leave us some feedback in our #Feedback channel. We’re always open to hearing how we can improve your overall experience.

✔ Please join our Discord community for game updates and get in touch with our admins to join our investor channel:

Our community managers are:

Kevin Castro: etherean#7284

Jonathan Ovadia: tropical#0001




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