VAIL VR — Community Brief — 08.13.21

4 min readAug 13, 2021

Greetings from VAIL HQ,

We’ve got a jam packed community brief so let’s unload. First, we’d like to cut to the chase and share that we announced the winners for our huge giveaway August 8th! If you missed it, feel free to watch the stream here.

Prizes of epic proportions!

For context, we gave away:

1x NVIDIA RTX 3080



Our aim with this giveaway was to contribute to the adoption of VR, engage with more gamers and VR enthusiasts who might not be aware of VAIL VR, our community or what we’re working on here at AEXLAB. Needless to say, these prizes and campaign created quite the buzz.

Our Discord community grew by 193.6% compared to last month and we’re currently at 24K community members! Additionally, the number of new communicators is up by almost 30%. This means that not only have we increased in numbers but the people who are deciding to join our community are engaging in voice chats as well.

Parabolic Discord member growth 📈📈📈

🔊 We love hearing from new members whether it’s feedback or general hype about the game so don’t be shy and make sure to let your voice be heard. 🔊

Stream Team

Aside from our community growth, we’re happy to share that we recently started streaming with community members on a regular cadence. For the past three weeks we’ve been recruiting members to our private #StreamTeam channel where we set up weekend games for those of you who are serious about building community, getting sweaty and honing your VAIL VR skills.

Interested in getting involved? Here are the qualities we’re looking for from folks who want to join our #StreamTeam channel:

  • Respect — You’re in this community for the long run. You respect fellow players and the admins.
  • Community — You’re able to galvanize other members to be a part of your team. These are 5v5 matches so you’ll have a better chance if you’re a team-driven player.
  • Reliable — We take our time seriously, we don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want anyone to waste ours either. If you join the channel and write your name down, you have to show up to that match.
  • Content — This one isn’t a requirement but if you’re a content creator, streamer or have a community of gamers and a team ready, we’d love to get you involved! We appreciate community members who want to help us grow.

StartEngine Campaign

We’re especially grateful to our investors who have helped us make significant progress. ICYMI, we‘re currently running a StartEngine campaign that has already raised over $400,000. Investors get sweet perks and commitments can be as low as $100! There’s no need to invest to get a key for early access as we host many events where we give our community members a fair chance at earning them but it’s another way of obtaining one. If you’re curious about the perks to being an investor, read more here!

We recently held our first shareholder call. We had a ton of awesome questions and there was a lot of hype from our investors who love our game and want to see our community continue to grow. The best part is that whether you invested $100 or $10,000, you can be a part of that same conversation and get first-hand knowledge on our operations at AEXLAB, what’s coming for VAIL VR and an inside look at where we’re headed!

New Gameplay Trailer!

Made it this far? Awesome! Here’s a gift from the AEXLAB team. Thanks to our community members who play, test, and give us feedback as well as ThrillSeeker who’s helped us make this awesome video! Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think:

VAIL VR | Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Go to Youtube and leave a comment!

Thanks for being a part of the community and make sure to leave us some feedback in #VAIL-Chat. We’re always open to hearing how we can improve your overall experience.

✔ Please join our Discord community for game updates and get in touch with our admins to join our investor channel:

Our community managers are:

Kevin Castro: etherean#7284

Jonathan Ovadia: tropical#0001




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